Skype for Business CloudPBX Azure Voicemail MWI issues on phones

Writing this blog entry is a bit overdue, over the past few months I have had a few colleagues run into an issue with Cloud PBX users with AudioCodes or Polycom VVX phones (3PIP) not properly displaying the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) for voicemail messages. NOTE: visual voicemail still works properly and the users’ voicemail get delivered to their inbox.
(Shout out to Scott Middlebrooks and Jason Sloan)

The missing MWI is a bit of a ‘head-scratcher’ since Azure Voicemail services CloudPBX users in Skype for Business Online and deposits the Voicemail in Exchange Online. But come to find out, Exchange Online Unified Messaging is actually the delivery method for MWI to the 3PIP devices.

The following needs to be properly configured to get MWI properly working on your phones in this scenario:

  • Exchange Online Unified Messaging
    • UM Dial Plan – make sure it is ‘SIP URI’
    • UM Mailbox Policy – (verify the ‘Allow message waiting indicator’ is enabled)
  • Each Cloud PBX user must be enabled for UM and assigned the appropriate UM Mailbox Policy

Once that is all is buttoned up, you will have MWI lighting up on your 3PIP phones!

8 thoughts on “Skype for Business CloudPBX Azure Voicemail MWI issues on phones

  1. Hi Nick, I am having issues setting up my voicemail greeting on a Polycom VVX 400. I was told by Microsoft that Polycom does not support Azure voicemail. They also told me that UM was only used in Hybrid and on Prem systems not Cloud PBX. Can you offer me any advice on how I can get my voicemail greeting setup? Thank you.


      1. Thank you Nick. Unfortunately that is the problem, our desktop computers do not have mics and we are not daisy chained. I am probably going to have to daisy chain, record the voicemail greeting then go back to our original setup lol. At least I only have to do this for 16 users. There is no voicemail option in OWA . I was told by Microsoft that it is not there because of the cloud PBX. There is a new voicemail portal but it does not allow for much configuration.


      2. My apologies – my Microsoft work account must have some additional configuration options for Cloud PBX Voicemail. I just tried this out in my demo tenant and am seeing the same thing you are. BToE might indeed be your best option.


      3. Good morning Nick, Thank you for looking into this. I am surprised that there is not even an option to setup a voicemail greeting on the Skype for Business mobile app.


  2. Is this still true we are using SFB 2019 with Cloudvoice and MWI just stopped working this month, we have been using 365/unified messaging for years.
    thank you,


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